**Sold with Drain plug washer**

Made In Japan

Available for SR, RB, VQ, QR , HR, MR engines

With its enlarged filter surface area, the NISMO oil filter decreases pressure loss and improves filter efficiency over an extended life-span. This stabilizes oil pressure and stops dirt and sludge from getting into the engine. Because of its reinforced pressure resistance, the NISMO oil filter is the filter of choice for high viscosity oils.

The NISMO oil filter uses a “Inclined Density Structure” in which the filter weave becomes denser towards the center. Larger particles are caught near the surface while finer particles are trapped in the fine mesh near the core. This action prevents clogging. Compared with OEM products, the structure continues to bolster filtering power over an extended period. The optimization of the filter's shape increases the effective filtering surface area and improves filtering efficiency


Genuine Nismo Oil Filter w/ drain plug washer
FILTER w/ crush ring
USD $ 39.99 USD $ 46.00
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